Get Full Versatility From Oppo A54 Dylan

Oppo A54 is the latest handset of Oppo mobiles that caters to the consumers who are looking for cutting edge mobiles at highly affordable rates. The Oppo A54 comes loaded with high definition camera, high quality display and an augmented Reality technology. Display and camera of Oppo A54 has a high density 6. 1951-inch bezel-free display with a strong punch-cut in it.

The display of Oppo A54 has the usual features and design that one would expect out of any modern day device. The device has a spacious display, good color reproduction and also high contrast levels. Furthermore, OPPO has provided an amazing visual  oppo a54  experience with its impressive 720 x 1600 pixels resolution and an astounding refresh rate of 60 Hz. This gives the users an excellent viewing experience while watching the online videos and streaming movies. In this way, the battery life of Oppo A54 is highly enhanced and enables the users to enjoy the multimedia content for longer hours.

Oppo A Dylan also has dual SIM card slots as well as a secondary slot for the MMS (micro ring travel kit) to enable connectivity with the Bluetooth devices. It has a compact body with an angular shape and makes for an extremely compact handset. The Oppo A Dylan also has a built-in infrared sensor that helps to track the temperature of the device. This allows the device to detect whether the battery is low or full with a quick check of the power indicator light which appears at the top right corner of the mobile.

The battery of Oppo A Dylan has a lifespan of about two weeks. With this battery life, it can be used throughout the day without any hindrance. The device runs on a single main battery with two special add ons. This ensures that the users can enjoy the multimedia features of their smartphone conveniently. The A series offers a unique dual screen feature, which helps to use both the screens simultaneously. This gives the users the freedom of viewing different apps simultaneously.

The battery of the Oppo A54 can be charged using the high quality OEM battery charger. It provides fast charging and allows users to enjoy their smartphones for long hours. The charging system of the device is completed with a built in auto battery charger. This charger does not require the users to enter into the auto mode, but continues working along with the phone when it is switched on. It also features a rapid charging feature for the enhanced performance of the battery of the Oppo A Dylan.

With a memory capacity of 4.5GB, the Oppo A Dylan gives ample space to store movies, songs, and many other stored files. It also offers more than enough storage space to store the apps that are installed on the phone. The device has an inbuilt memory that supports the Ogg Vorbis format, that enables the phones to play multimedia content through the digital output. In order to support the high resolution LCD screen of the Oppo A Dylan, it comes with a Super AMOLED capacitive technology, that offers brilliant viewing experience to the users.