Doina (A Song From the Dracula’s Country)

Sun on shoulders I even have saved
sweat become pouring on my chest.
I have saved on shoulders stars,
fairies between chest and grass.
I even have saved in punch the strain
to smash with
and to fight thru
and in hand I have 인천다국적 kept caress
of the virgin and lady,
of the baby and of ache.
Always I have saved in eye
picture of Father from excessive
and on shoulders a rainbow
always to be out of throe,
to have the ability drink light-water
to avoid grow to be a rotter,
and to drink the water-mild
to assist me not wreck my flight .
I have stored these days I don’t
neither sun or stars or rainbow,
nither fairies, strain or caress,
nor on shoulders, nor in punch
nor in hand and nor in eyes,
grass is growing on my chest,
ultimately I’ve long past to rest.

Doina is a lyrical introduction that confesses the richest range of human emotions: love, hate, mourn, insurrection, etc. Generally, Doina is mourning or longing for what someone has lost. The lyrics is oscillating among sadness and hope. Many evaluate Doina to the blues due to its lyrical disappointment. Also, a sort of Doina is the Fado tune from Portugal.
The pair of correlatives neither … Nor is used as a poetic license both for the sake of the rhythm and to specific neither – what and nor – where (see the textual content).